Setting your location


Letting your Home Center know where it is


The Home Center is able to use your location and the Internet connection it has to do several neat things:

  • Automatically adjust your date and time. The time on the Home Center will always be accurate—to the second, even when Daylight Savings Time starts and stops.
  • Retrieve the time the sun will rise and set each day. You could have your lights come on only when the sun goes down each day.
  • Look up the local weather and display it on your device or its webpage. This weather information can also be used to turn things on and off. For example, don’t water the garden if it is raining.


To set the location of the Home Center, click on the Configuration tab and then Location in the menu on the left hand side.

Change the following fields to values that are appropriate for your location:

  • House Number
  • Time Zone
  • City
  • Temperature unit
  • Wind unit

Remember: Once you have modified any information on this page, you need to click the save button before going to any other page.