Setting Up Mobile Devices


NOTE: Before setting up a mobile device, it maybe worth signing up to remote access first. Read the article on how to set up remote access.

The Fibaro App is freely available for many devices. Just search for Fibaro.



The Android app is available at Google Play


The iPhone App is available here: Fibaro for iPhone – Fibar Group Sp. z o.o.

The iPad App is available here: Fibaro for iPad – Fibar Group Sp. z o.o.

Setting up the application:

After installing the Fibaro application either to an Android or Apple device you will be prompted with a set up screen. When you are ready, tap “Next”.

Mobile Device Setup1

The first information you will be asked to enter is the remote access details. You can set these up now from the phone or tablet by tapping on “Create account”, visiting or you can skip this part altogether and just connect locally.

Please click here to read our article on how to set up remote access.

Mobile Device Setup2

Now we have a few options on how to connect to a local Home Center.

If your mobile device finds a single Home Center on the network, then it may automatically jump straight on it and ask for you for a username and password.

If it does not automaticlly ask you or you have more than one Home Center on the network then you will have an option to “Find HC” which will bring up all the Home Centers it can find in a list format. From that list you can choose your Home Center, fill in your user details and away you go.

The last option is inputting the Home Center connection details manually. For this you will need the Home Center name, IP address, login username and password.

Mobile Device Setup3

Mobile Device Setup5

Congratulations you have added your new Home Center!

Enjoy controlling your home from your mobile phone or tablet!

Mobile Device Setup6