Permissions & Access Control


Understanding Permissions in Fibaro

Once you’ve added devices and scenes to your Home Center, it’s important to configure Users and setup permissions. This ensures everyone has access to the right devices in the right rooms.

Note: As of version 4.x onwards, the location of the Access Control Menu has changed. It is now located under the the “Configuration” tab, not under “Panels”.


  • Open your Home Center 2 Interface
  • Click on Panels > Access Control Panel – here you will be able to create and manager users
  • Click on a user (or create a new one) and you’ll see some options for that user. The ones we are interested in are at the bottom, two blue buttons called “Edit Access Rights” for Devices and Scenes.
  • Opening this you’ll see a list of all devices and scenes in the system, and you simply need to tick which ones this particular user has access to.
  • Save your changes

Note: Important: by default, only the admin user will have access to new devices added to the system. If you add a new device, make sure you go through all of your existing users and enable the device where applicable.