Making a Scene With Magic


Making Scenes with Magic!

Home Centers are very powerful machines that are capable of so much. Making a scene with magic is one of the three ways to make your home intelligent.

Magic uses the idea of taking one trigger i.e an event in time or a change in a device and then creating an action from that trigger.


In your Home Center, go to the Scenes tab at the top and then select the “Add scene” button on the left hand panel.


You will be given three different scene choices, select the first “Add” box to start creating a magic scene.

3 choices red box

This next screen is where the magic happens! The two large boxes at the top show “if” and “then”. The first box is called the trigger. If the event described in that trigger occurs, then your chosen action in the second box will occur.


For this example we will use the front door as a trigger, clicking on the front door will move it into the first box (you can also drag the box up to the top).

if door

So the door is the trigger but what type? Clicking next gives us a few more options of what we want the exact trigger to be.

For this example I want something to happen once the door is opened.


Now we need to select the device that changes when the door opens. I have chosen the blinds to close fully when the door opens but this action could be something from a whole range of things; such as lights coming on, TV turning off or even boost heating.


Quickly running through what we just created:

IF the front door opens, THEN close the blinds.

All that is left to do is name the scene and give it a room to live in.

To trigger from more than one device, or to do more than one action per scene, check out our article on making a scene with Graphics Blocks.